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Project Management

Management of the project through Execution is the most crucial stage of the project, as this is where the plan meets reality. When changes to the scope, requirements or base assumptions happen, the Project Sponsors need defensible foresight, transparency and rationale for the approval of change orders.

Our leadership team includes Professional Engineering (PEng), Professional Forestry (RPF) and Project Management Professional (PMP) team members to support and direct all aspects of the project’s Engineering, scheduling, project coordination and contractor management.


  • Project Scheduling
  • Detailed Project Estimating
  • Procurement/Materials Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Project Site Coordination
  • Construction Supervision

Field Assessments & Survey

Field assessments are fit to the project and range from damage/repair assessments to right-of-way vegetation inventory/plans to green-field access, bridge and utility construction survey.

Detailed site surveys leverage in-house Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) high accuracy GPS survey techniques, drone overflight and utility locating equipment for detailed geometric design of roads, bridges, revetments, excavations and utility installations.


  • High-Accuracy RTK GPS Surveys
  • GPS-Enabled Field Tablets & Tools
  • Utility Vegetation Management Inventory
  • Drone Overflight and LiDAR
  • In-house Photogrammetric 3D Models

Engineered Designs

Engineered Design solutions begin with the gathering of client requirements, technical reports and data for an understanding of the problem at hand. Where access is limited, preliminary designs may be developed using LiDAR, terrain and water data in Encompass’ GIS and CAD systems. LiDAR DEM generation and 3D analysis of the local terrain are used to model, evaluate, exclude, reject and confirm options with estimated cost comparisons and comparative risks and benefits.

Detailed Engineering combines field assessment results with historical data, agency input and project requirements to create final design solutions that can be immediately taken to construction.


  • Bridge Crossings
  • Drilled Fibre Installations
  • Road Layout & Design
  • Slope Stabilization/Support
  • Engineered Revetments
  • Drone Photogrammetry, Lidar & RTK Surveys

Forestry & Vegetation Management

Forestry services focus on access planning and design, leveraging LiDAR, aerial drone mosaics and GIS mapping, as well as field layout, survey, GPS and RTK Surveys. Remote locations and sites with limited ground access require specialized solutions and an understanding of remote logistics.

Vegetation Maintenance programs are applied to highway, road and utility rights of way to predict, model and forecast Cyclical Return Plans for managing problem vegetation. These long-term annual plans provide for efficient treatment bundling and track skipped or inaccessible areas for clean-up.


  • Road Layout & Design
  • Harvest Planning
  • Road and Cutting Permit Preparation
  • Site Plan Preparation
  • Road Building Supervision
  • Bridge Inspections
  • Drone Photogrammetry, Lidar & RTK Surveys